ID Analyzer DocuPass

Verify Users FAST

Plug-and-play identity verification system, simply insert code into your website or application.


Three DocuPass Modules

Choose the module that fits your application

Mobile Module

Generate QR codes for your users complete identity verification using their mobile phones.

Iframe Module

Embed DocuPass identity verification module on your website using an iframe.

Redirect Module

Redirect your users to DocuPass website for identity verification, return to your website when done.

How does DocuPass work?

DocuPass Mobile

Scan QR Code & Take Photos

DocuPass mobile module allows you to generate an unique QR code for every user you want to verify, your users will scan the QR code to open up our mobile verification app where they will be guided through the verification process. Once verification succeeds you can choose to send the results back to your server or store them in vault.

Live Demo (Selfie Photo) Live Demo (Selfie Video)

DocuPass Iframe

Onsite Identity Verification

For every user you wish to verify, we will generate an iframe HTML code which you simply insert into your webpage. Your users will never leave your website and the identity check process takes just a few minutes!

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DocuPass Redirect

Offsite Identity Verification

Starting from your website or mobile app, simply redirect your user to an DocuPass API generated URL to start identity verification. Once completed, users will be redirected back to your website and results will be sent to your server back-end.

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Fast, simple yet meticulous

Why use DocuPass

If you find integrating with ID Analyzer Core API a tedious process, you should consider deploying DocuPass into your website or application.

  • Onboard your customers without developing your own image upload and identity verification pages
  • DocuPass handles all the document collection and verification on behalf of your company
  • Significantly reduced coding requirements
  • Modern intuitive interface that focuses on usability
  • Retain your own branding during the verification process
  • Detailed verification results sent back to your server when users finish identity verification with DocuPass

Get started with quickest customer onboarding system ever created.