Verify Users FAST

DocuPass Identity Verification

Plug-and-play identity and age verification web app, simply send your user a verification link to scan their ID and face, or embed DocuPass inside your website and mobile app.

Mobile & Landline

Phone Number Verification

Apart from identity verification, DocuPass can also be configured to verify your user's mobile or landline number, allowing you to streamline your user on-boarding process without the complexity of integrating multiple APIs.

A.I. Powered Paperwork Automation

Remote Document Signing

Automate client paperwork by uploading a pre-designed agreement template, DocuPass will automatically fill the agreement with personal information obtained from user identity document, you can optionally request the user to review and sign the document.

DocuPass Verification Flow

Here are the standard steps that your user will go through to complete a DocuPass verification session, each step can be enabled or disabled as per your requirement.

User Screen Flow

Welcome Screen
Display welcome message to the user and explain the steps required for DocuPass.
Phone Verification
Verify user submitted or predefined phone number by entering a PIN sent to their phone.
Scan ID
User will scan or take a photo of their government-issued identity document.
Scan Face
User will scan or take a selfie picture of their face.
Sign Agreement
User will review and sign legal agreement such as a rental contract.
A confirmation screen will be displayed, alternatively redirect user back to your website.

Internal Verification Flow

Document Recognition
Visual OCR and computer vision to extract information from user document.
Verify the liveness of user's face and compare it with photo on ID.
Check that the document submitted by your user is real and authentic.
Data Verification
Check that the document submitted has not expired and matches your custom criteria.
Check our global AML/PEP database to see if document holder is listed for any sanction, crime or is a PEP.
Compile final verification results and send them back to your server.

4 DocuPass Modules

Choose the module that fits your application

Live Mobile

Scan ID and face live from camera stream using mobile phone or your native app.

Standard Mobile

Take ID and face photo using mobile phone or your native app.


Embed DocuPass identity verification module on your website using an iframe.


Redirect your users to DocuPass URL for identity verification, return to your website when done.

How does DocuPass work?

DocuPass Live Mobile

Identity Verification With Superb Liveness Check

DocuPass Live Mobile comes with our latest technology that allows global document recognition and biometric verification directly from your user's mobile phone camera stream, the module also performs liveness checks by detection changes in facial expressions.

This module can be embedded directly in your native app, alternatively, you can generate URL or QR codes for your users where they will be redirected to DocuPass verification system to complete identity verification.


DocuPass Standard Mobile

Scan QR code and Take Photos

DocuPass Standard Mobile asks your users to take a photo of their ID document along with a selfie photo or selfie video for identity check.

The standard mobile module can be embedded directly in your native app, alternatively, you can generate URL or QR codes for your users where they will be redirected to our verification system to complete identity verification.

Demo (Selfie Photo) Demo (Selfie Video)

DocuPass Iframe

Onsite Identity Verification

For every user you wish to verify, we will generate an iframe HTML code which you simply insert into your webpage. Your users will never leave your website and the identity check process takes just a few minutes!


DocuPass Redirect

Offsite Identity Verification

Starting from your website or mobile app, simply redirect your user to an DocuPass API generated URL to start identity verification. Once completed, users will be redirected back to your website and results will be sent to your server back-end.


DocuPass Signature

Remote Document Signing

DocuPass allows you generate legal agreements using personal information presented on identification documents, and have your user review and sign the agreement. You can use DocuPass Signature as part of the identity verification process, or as a stand-alone module where no identity verification will be performed.


Fast, simple yet meticulous

Why use DocuPass

If you find integrating with ID Analyzer Core API a tedious process, you should consider deploying DocuPass into your website or mobile app.

  • Verify your customers identity without developing your document and photo capturing system
  • Builtin phone number verification
  • DocuPass handles all the ID collection and verification on behalf of your company
  • Document automation - auto fill forms and agreements, then have your users sign them
  • Significantly reduced coding requirements, embed our beautiful UI directly into your native mobile app or websites
  • Modern intuitive interface that focuses on usability, or design your own interface with HTML/CSS
  • Display localized language and instructions based on your user's language preferences
  • Retain your own branding during the verification process
  • Detailed verification results sent back to your server when users finish identity verification with DocuPass

Get started with quickest customer onboarding system ever created.