New Release: DocuPass 3.0

Seamless Identity Verification

Simplify ID checks with our plug-and-play web app. Instantly generate KYC links or embed DocuPass directly into your platform.

Version 3.0

DocuPass Screens

Responsive multilingual user interface ready to be implemented onto your platform

Screen 1

Document Selection

Customize the type of IDs to accept from 4000+ supported documents worldwide.

Screen 2

Document Upload

Upload ID photos or force user to take photo using their mobile camera.

Screen 3

Face Verification

Facial expression and liveness check, cross-match with photo on uploaded ID.

Screen 4


Generate contracts and obtain signatures from customers during KYC process.

Screen 5

Phone Verification

Builtin phone verification system to make sure customers have valid phone numbers.

Screen 6

Custom Form

Customizable Q&A to collect information from customers.

Quick & Easy Implementation

DocuPass supports multiple implementations that fits in any application

Website Embeds

All verification is performed on your website through a popup modal / lightbox.

QR Code

Display a QR code to your customer, scan code to start KYC verification.


Simply email or SMS your customer the verification link, DocuPass works in any browser.


Embed DocuPass inside your mobile app using WebView or Chromium.

AI-Driven ID Verification

Forensic AI models ensure the absolute authenticity of user-submitted documents, thwarting fraud attempts.

Biometric Authentication

Advanced facial recognition and liveness technologies provide an unyielding additional layer of identity confirmation.

Rigorous Data Security

Your sensitive information is shielded by industry-leading encryption protocols throughout its entire lifecycle.

Vulnerability Management

DocuPass remains vigilant through routine security audits and penetration testing, safeguarding against evolving threats.

Secure, reliable Know Your Customer Solution

Our web app leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver an exceptional level of protection for your business and your clients. Features like biometric authentication, real-time document verification, and ongoing threat monitoring provide a multi-layered defense against fraudulent activity.

Choose DocuPass and streamline your KYC procedures with confidence, knowing your data is in the most secure hands. Your customers will appreciate the added security and streamlined experience.

DocuPass Live Demo

Experience the capabilities of DocuPass right in your browser.

Ultimate KYC Plugin

Why choose DocuPass

If you find integrating with ID Analyzer's Identity Verification API a tedious process, DocuPass is your next go-to KYC solution.

  • Seamless Integration: Eliminate complex API integration with DocuPass for easy deployment in your website or app.
  • Effortless Verification Links: Generate and send links directly to customers for hassle-free identity verification.
  • Outsourced ID Collection & Verification: DocuPass handles the entire process on your behalf, saving you development time.
  • Integrated Phone Verification: Ensure user authenticity with built-in phone number checks.
  • Automated Document Handling: Auto-fill forms and agreements, then collect user signatures for streamlined processes.
  • Simplified Code: Embed our sleek UI or customize with HTML/CSS, drastically reducing coding needs.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Offer an intuitive interface adaptable to multiple languages.
  • Brand Consistency: Maintain your branding throughout the verification journey.
  • Comprehensive Results: Access detailed verification data for informed decision-making.
  • Realtime Webhook: Get notified of KYC completion in realtime, onboard your users without delay.

Try the fastest customer onboarding journey ever designed.