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Multi-function ID verification API to verify remote physical document, its authenticity and face match the document with your user photo. Core API is cross-platform and ready to be integrated as part of your solutions.

Document OCR Technology

Data Extraction

Are you looking for a way to digitize user ID photo or perhaps streamline your business process through automation? Our ID OCR technology can extract every piece of data from identification document image near real time, reducing or completely replacing all the manual data entry required. Deploying our data extraction technology into your application greatly improves your customer experience as they no longer need to manually enter their details during onboarding process, or wait days for you to approve their profile.

Face Match

Facial Recognition

Sometimes presenting a physical ID document is simply not enough, we need to make sure the document belongs to the real person you are engaging. Core API supports facial recognition by matching the document photo with another selfie photo or even a short selfie video, providing an extra layer of security to verify the physical presence of the document holder. Core API deploys machine learning based liveness check which can effectively stops face spoofing attacks.

Stopping Fake IDs

Authenticity Check

One major concern of remote identity verification is the intentional submission of fraudulent identification documents by minority users. Core API comes with different types of authentication modules design to identity and stop fake or invalid documents, through our proprietary fake ID database and sophisticated computer vision technology. By effectively stopping more than 90% of fake IDs, it gives our partners peace of mind to deploy Core API into their mission critical applications.

Financial Compliance


Use ID Analyzer Core API for anti-money laundering compliance, we hold an AML/PEP database consolidated from 13 authority sources across the world. Core API can automatically extract personal information from uploaded identification document and use such information to search if the person is listed under any of the sanction, crime or politically exposed person list.

A.I. Data Entry

Document Automation

Imagine by simply scanning a driving license, a rental contract filled with your customer's details and license number comes out of the printer within seconds. Core API allows you to automate data entry tasks that you normally have to do manually by automatically filling any forms or documents with data extracted from user ID.


Data Extraction

OCR technology to digitize image into text data.

Barcode/MRZ Support

Supports AAMVA barcodes and MRZ from IDs worldwide.

Photo Face Match

Verify selfie photo against identification document.

Video Face Match

Verify selfie video against identification document.

Age Check

Verify the age of document holder.

Authenticity Check

Check legitimacy of user IDs through machine learning.

Tamper Check

Check documents for signs of digital tampers.

Recapture Check

Check if document is recaptured off a screen.


Check document holder for sanctions/PEP.

Document Automation

Autofill documents and forms with data from user ID.


Automatically crop and fix skewed or rotated document.

Custom Blacklist

Block users and their documents that you find suspicious.

Cloud Storage

Store documents to cloud vault for future reference.

Face Search

Find your customer information using their photo.

Global Support

Supports documents held by 98% of world populations.

Cloud Based

Cloud based API for ease of integration.

Unlimited Capabilities

How identity verification works in Core API

Inside your program, simply upload your user's identification document photo to our ID Analyzer Core API HTTP server, our API will do all the hard work and return nearly 100 different types of digitized data within just a few seconds. You can then write additional functions to process these comprehensive information based on your own requirements.

Data returned by Core API includes but not limited to: document holder personal information such as full name, date of birth, age, gender, hair color, eye color, nationality, place of birth etc and document information such as document number, national ID number, issue date, expiry date, issue authority, issue state, issue country, type of document. By including extra parameters you will also get access to information such as authenticity of document, tampering check results, face verification results and lot more. With all the information provided by Core API you can onboard your users securely.

The Core API is highly versatile, meaning it can be integrated into your new or existing applications using your favorite programming language on any device.

API Demo

Here are some API responses for demonstration purpose, you can upload and test your own images through web portal.

Driver's License


Identity Card
Hong Kong

Driver's License

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