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Our versatile ID verification API facilitates the validation and scanning of identity documents, confirming authenticity and matching the document's face with your user's photo. ID Verification API is cross-platform and engineered for seamless integration into your solutions.

Document OCR Technology

Data Extraction

Streamline your business processes and enhance customer experience with our cutting-edge ID OCR technology. Effortlessly digitize user ID photos and automate data extraction, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Our technology swiftly extracts every piece of data from identification document images in near real-time, allowing for faster profile approval and a smoother onboarding process. Transform your application with our advanced data extraction solution and provide your customers with a hassle-free experience.

Face Match

Facial Recognition

Enhance your security measures with our ID Analyzer ID Verification API, which goes beyond mere physical ID presentation. Our facial recognition technology matches the document photo with a selfie or a short video, ensuring the document truly belongs to the person you're engaging with. With our machine learning-based liveness check, we provide an additional layer of security to verify the physical presence of the document holder and effectively prevent face spoofing attacks. Elevate your security protocols with our advanced verification solutions.

Rapid Onboarding

A.I. Assisted Decision

ID Analyzer's Identity Verification API is equipped with various built-in profiles tailored to meet the diverse security standards of different industries. Each profile is meticulously fine-tuned with specific parameters and strictness levels to align with your unique use scenario. Our API provides a straightforward accept-reject decision, guiding you on whether to onboard a user. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the criteria under which an identity document should be accepted or rejected, ensuring a seamless and secure integration into your workflow.

Stopping Fake IDs

Authenticity Check

Combating fake IDs is a top priority in remote identity verification. ID Analyzer's ID Verification API is equipped with various authentication modules specifically designed to identify and prevent the use of fraudulent or invalid documents. Leveraging our extensive proprietary fake ID database and advanced computer vision technology, we effectively stop over 90% of fake IDs. This exceptional level of security ensures our partners can confidently integrate ID Verification API into their mission-critical applications, providing them with peace of mind.

Financial Compliance


Enhance your anti-money laundering (AML) compliance with ID Analyzer ID Verification API. Our AML/PEP database is consolidated from 13 authoritative sources worldwide, providing comprehensive coverage. The ID Verification API automatically extracts personal information from uploaded identification documents and cross-references it against global sanction, crime, and politically exposed person lists. Ensure your compliance with ease and confidence using our reliable and efficient solution.

A.I. Data Entry

Document Automation

Transform your document processing with the power of automation. Picture this: with just a scan of a driver's license, a rental contract complete with your customer's details and license number is printed out in seconds. Our ID Verification API enables you to streamline data entry tasks that traditionally require manual effort. By automatically populating forms or documents with data extracted from a user's ID, you can significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy, freeing up valuable time and resources for your business.


Data Extraction

OCR technology to digitize image into text data.

Barcode/MRZ Support

Supports AAMVA barcodes and MRZ from IDs worldwide.

Face Match

Verify selfie against identification document.

Actionable Decision

Returns decision to accept, review or reject documents.

Age Check

Verify the age of document holder.

Authenticity Check

Check legitimacy of user IDs through machine learning.

Tamper Check

Check documents for signs of digital tampers.

Recapture Check

Check if document is recaptured off a screen.


Check document holder for sanctions/PEP.

Document Automation

Autofill documents and forms with data from user ID.


Automatically crop and fix skewed or rotated document.

Custom Blacklist

Block users and their documents that you find suspicious.

Cloud Storage

Store documents to cloud vault for future reference.

Data Obscure

Blur sensitive data on images based on your settings.

Global Support

Supports documents held by 98% of world populations.

Cloud Based

Cloud based API for ease of integration.

Transform Your Workflow

Effortless Identity Verification with ID Analyzer API v2

Integrate seamless identity verification into your program by simply uploading your user's identification document photo to our ID Analyzer HTTP server. Our API takes care of the heavy lifting, returning nearly 100 different types of digitized data in just a few seconds. Utilize this comprehensive information to enhance your application's functionality according to your specific needs.

The data provided by ID Analyzer API encompasses a wide range of details, including personal information like full name, date of birth, age, gender, hair color, eye color, nationality, and place of birth, as well as document specifics such as document number, national ID number, issue date, expiry date, issuing authority, issuing state, and country. By incorporating additional parameters, you gain access to vital information such as document authenticity, tampering check results, and face verification outcomes. Leverage the wealth of data from ID Verification API to securely onboard your users with confidence.

Designed for flexibility, the ID Analyzer API can be effortlessly integrated into both new and existing applications, supporting your preferred programming language across any device.

API V2 Demo

Here are some API responses for demonstration purpose using the built-in medium security profile, you can upload and test your own images through web portal.

Driver's License


Identity Card
Hong Kong

Driver's License

Demo Audit Report

ID Analyzer API is capable of generating PDF audit report for every scan.

View Demo Report

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