Prime ID Scanner

Convert PC or Mac into ID check security desk or kiosk, scan and verify user passport, driver license and IDs using camera or scanner. Validate customer identities within seconds.

Visual OCR

Extract personal information from passport, driver license and ID cards and export as JSON or CSV.

Fake ID Check

Automatic fake or expired ID check, or manual inspection against reference document database.

Face Verification

Verify ID holder's face from camera in realtime.

Kiosk Mode

Convert your computer into a ID check kiosk machine.

Identity Verification Solution

Identity Software For Every Business

Autonomous identity check and data extraction software supporting passports, identification cards and driver licenses from over 190 countries. Verify and record personal information of your hotel guests, club patrons, and event venue visitors. Easily extract data from ID and Passport photo, export extracted information into CSV or JSON file for use in other programs.

Suitable for every business or government requiring onsite identity check, get started with just our software and an USB camera. Advanced setup is also available for real-time document capture and face verification.

Capture document and face from multiple sources.

Document Scanner


Flatbed Scanner

Barcode Scanner

Local Files

Online Files

Customer Database

Data Analytics

Prime ID Scanner automatically parses personal information through images from camera or barcode results from barcode scanner into a local database entry. You can access the database anytime to manage details about your customers, making it a simple to use CRM tool.

Document Forensic

Document Reference

Prime ID Scanner has a builtin reference database containing 10,000+ identity documents from global government agencies. Each scan is automatically verified against the database, however, you may manually inspect your user document with our reference document in a side-by-side layout to compare all the details during a forensic investigation.

Custom Integration

Smart Sync

Prime ID Scanner allows you to automatically upload all scan results and images to your server for further processing. You may also configure Prime ID Scanner to export each scan results into your own software. Our auto sync features allows seamless integration between Prime ID Scanner and your own CRM application.

Physical Check Point

Kiosk Mode

Turn any PC or Mac into a security checkpoint for your premise using Prime ID Scanner. Kiosk Mode combined with camera or barcode scanner allows on-premise security personnel to conduct identity through a simple touchscreen friendly interface.


Prime ID Scanner

Software Pricing

Prime ID Scanner leverages document scanning and verification technologies using ID Analyzer Verification API. You are required to have an ID Analyzer account in order to use the software, all documents scans and validations will consume your API quota.