Transaction Vault

Search enabled database to securely store and query your user's identity information and documents using our cloud infrastructure. Get hold of your customer information anytime anywhere.


Auto OCR

Automatically recognize and parse document images into database fields.


Store up to 1,000,000 documents and customer identity data.


List and filter identity information anytime through API or web portal.


Strict GDPR and ISO compliance to reduce risk of storing sensitive data locally on your server.

Key features

Storage designed for identity information

ID Analyzer Transaction Vault is an addon database solution for our APIs. It allows you to optionally store persistent user identity information and images from data parsed using our API, without any extra coding.

To take advantage of this feature, simply enable the "Save to Cloud" option when creating a KYC profile under web portal.

Transaction Vault is highly secure and durable, you can list, search, edit and delete data in vault anytime by logging in to the web portal or calling the Transaction API.

How to lookup the transaction database?

Web Vault

Lookup whenever, wherever

All data stored in vault can be looked up anytime by simply logging into your portal, you can easily check new documents that was uploaded or find older documents from a customer awhile back.

Versatile API

Build your own application

All data in your vault can be searched, listed and managed using pure web API, meaning you can develop your own application to look up documents received or any other user identity data that was once submitted through scan API or DocuPass.

Start building identity database for your customers today.

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