How Can You Implement Physical Access Control with ID Analyzer?

Physical access control is critically important these days, especially if you need to have custom security solutions that are not universal throughout your facilities.

Imagine this, for example.

You have an office space and warehousing located in the same building.

Some employees are going to need to have access to the office space and common areas but should not have access to the warehouse facilities, and vice versa. Trying to come up with a comprehensive security plan that works for all involved becomes a real nightmare unless you’re able to implement physical access control with the help of a solution like ID Analyzer.

With ID Analyzer, though, all of that becomes almost effortless.

Custom Security Solutions That Work

The beautiful thing about the physical access solutions made possible by ID Analyzer is how flexible and versatile they really are.

You’ll be able to use face scanning technology, facial biometric technology, retina display technology options, key card solutions, RFID options, and so much more – all with completely custom security rules that are infinitely adjustable and modifiable on the fly, too.

This results in a much more secure solution than what “old-school” technology would have made possible.

Real Time Tracking, Too

Another big benefit of using ID Analyzer is that you’re able to track everything through your security system with the backend database and administrative panel of the platform.

You’ll be able to see information and reports on visitor data, what different individuals are accessing at any one particular point in time, as well as full data logs for security systems in the event of a breach or an attack.

ID Analyzer really is an all-in-one physical access solution designed for the modern world. Not only does it protect your online assets, but it works ot better secure the physical aspects of your business, too.