How to identify the bad guys even before they mess up your group and even before they onboard your portal?

Getting your clients verified is a costly process that adds up to your operating expenses. Aside from that, it is one factor that drastically increases the drop-off rates as they created inconvenience. Though it is of much importance knowing their indemnities are. The verification process is a determining factor to a negative attitude and will avoid you from getting into trouble from vehicular damage and theft. The challenge is, how do you make it convenient for your clients to show their proof of identity?

Safeguard from high-risk renters your trade, clients, and cars

Identifying the bad guys among a set of renters has never been so easy with ID Analyzer.

Our fast, reliable and hassle-free proof of identification process is done remotely. Our client would just need to send in personally their client details and our pure API interface system will identify its authenticity. The system will then either approve or deny the client’s verification process.

When we need to check on the client’s age, our system will cross-match it with the date of birth provided on the details and other supporting documents on had with us.

Give a hassle-free way to the client and observe the growth of your enterprise

ID Analyzer is here to assist your business by eliminating the possibility of bad clients.

Our fool-proof method of the verification process will make it easy for the renters without the compromise in security.

With our software that can run through any platforms, from your smartphone, your tablet or your desktop, whichever is convenient for you at the time being. May you be at the office or in a café, it would run smoothly whichever device you may want to use during that particular time.