Without compromising security and speed

ID Analyzer created a fully customizable identity verification process that would be the right fit for your needs. We can adjust it to your needed security level to suit your business needs.

We provide you your required AML and KYC needs plus other local requirements as you would need it. We will provide you a detailed audit breakdown for your reference.

Lower your operating expenses

You may now cease doing your manual validating procedures and experience how AI can help globally automate your business.

We have a network of extensive partners that you can use your present system with.

Expand to your full digital market potential

There is a vast market online. ID Analyzer will assist you to expand and deal with all your clients. The UX will be available for you to compete with the global market with services that are instantly accessible digitally. It is created in compliance with the AML and KYC without any decline in speed on the client’s signing up process.

You may now start serving the millions immediately while scrapping the thought on doing the onboarding one at a time.