Don’t be a victim of the fast-evolving identity fraud

It has been huge a sales risk and trust issue for online entrepreneurs when identity fraud is concerned.

Fraudulent activity concerning identity has been changing fast in the digital age. Identity theft has been rated the be the fastest growing crime and with better technology today, they can perform faster than ever.

With the proper online identity validation process, you can protect your business and create a wonderful and seamless customer experience while keeping these fraudulent transactions at bay. This creates a better and harmonious transaction between sellers and buyers.

Catching fraudsters start with the identity validation process

Before having these fraudsters get into your platform and do unauthorized transactions, the identity validation process can detect them immediately.

With the fast evolution of the digital age, identity fraud has become more complex these days. ID Analyzer works side-by-side with INTERPOL and harnessed a 98.7% success rate in catching the attempted fraud.

Be protected against impersonation and stolen IDs with face biometrics

After your document/s submitted are validated, an additional layer of security is needed to ensure that it is coming from the same person who is submitting the details.

Face biometrics is then added to your online verification process when this layer of security would be needed as ID Analyzer would want to confirm that the documents belong to the person who is submitting it.

Enjoy a seamless user experience while having a verified account

The security level differs from each business; thus it is crucial to balance the customer user experience with the level of detection for identity fraud.

Full customization of the identity verification process is being offered by ID Analyzer, from a simple process to a more complex type of verification.

Whichever process you would need, we can assure you of the same level of protection and secured from users that are at risk of being a fraudster.