Have new blood of players get on board

Don’t miss out on the current trend while relying on the old-school identity validation through credit files. The majority of the new generation of players have close to non-existent credit record since they are young.

Attract the new age of players gets onboard your platform with the use of the document for the validation process.

Strike when the iron is hot

The NBA Finals. The NY Fashion Week. The Cherry Blossom Festival. You don’t have the essence of time to hype up your platform in the gaming world. Take advantage of the AI technology and be there immediately with a snap of your fingers during the big launch.

Create a fast and easy sign-up method

User loyalty is difficult to find and there is steep competition in the global market.

Create an easy way for the gamer to come onboard your platform using any device, from an initial tap and finishing it within a few seconds with our proprietary SDK that leads the global market.