The growth and hazards of your business should be answered by identity validation

Validation of identity has been essential in any business dealings. As we moved forward to the digital age, we have been dealing with clients in different parts of the world, and ensuring the identity of the person on the other end is a great challenge. Without proper validation, online fraud may occur and would experience loss of income via chargebacks, wavered trust on the platform, and eventually the brand’s downfall.

Identity validation must be able to answer all these factors, plus it must safeguard the reputation of the establishment and avoiding fraudulent dealings while providing a hassle-free client transaction and a fun experience in using the portal.

Make a trustworthy profile with a verified account

A verified account would ensure that any business dealings are real and to be trusted.

The process of verification may be varied depending on the need of your platform’s security level. At ID Analyzer, we custom build your identity verification process to build that trust with your client, making it seamless and at the same time secure way.

Whether your portal would require a simple validation or to a more secure process of validation as your portal my need, we will design you a process that would retain that simple and hassle-free client experience but assures you of a fully secured and fool-proof way of profile validation.

ID Analyzer, fool-proof, hassle-free and overtly secured

It is both advantageous for the business and consumers with a verified profile. We don’t take chances at ID Analyzer as we ensure easy user experience and high-security protection level.

Customers accessing your portal will have higher trust levels and confidence. And with the merchant’s peace of mind knowing that clients meet age and identity requirements.

This would result in a better client experience with fewer drop-offs, rejection and abandoned transactions.

Customized and secure design to maximize your business

ID Analyzer’s expertise in the method of validation of identity and can customize the flow of the process from sign-up to verified status.

Our method is created in a way to keep it secured but keep it friction-free at the same time which results in lesser drop-offs and better onboarding rates.