How to identify the bad guys even before they mess up your group and even before they onboard your portal?

Getting your clients verified is a costly process that adds up to your operating expenses. Aside from that, it is one factor that drastically increases the drop-off rates as they created inconvenience. Though it is of much importance knowing their indemnities are. The verification process is a determining factor to a negative attitude and will avoid you from getting into trouble from vehicular damage and theft. The challenge is, how do you make it convenient for your clients to show their proof of identity?

Have happy clients while they provide you their identity needs.

Meeting the needs of KYC and AML regulations in the verification process while making it an easy experience.

ID Analyzer provides you both needs with a design central to the user making it hassle-free in portions that you would need to require clients of their personal information. With our trusted and secured platform, we would just require the user to send in the information themselves as we use a pure API interface. This is very easy and convenient, plus it works on all platforms, from your smartphone, tablet, and computer, so clients can do this whichever is convenient for them.

This is the reason why we have one of the highest conversion levels as compared to the competition. Data shows that there is a 12% increase in clients getting our services with 97% identities verified.

The need that is based on the client’s risk profile.

Create a flow during the sign-up process that would have the right fit for your business. At ID Analyzer, you can customize the flow giving you the security that you needed while making it easy for the end-user experience which is a win-win situation.

You can request the needed details in advance at the start of the signup for example for the needed credit data verification. And you can opt to request additional proof to users that don’t match the initial step, to ensure that each of the users is real and owns the detail they submitted.