Freedom and Peace of Mind to Expand Globally

One of the greatest challenges you’ll face as a modern entrepreneur is finding a way to streamline and systemize your global operations, especially when you have to confirm the identity of individuals that may live halfway around the world!

But that’s where ID Analyzer comes into play.

Offering one of the simplest and most straightforward means of identity verification, you’ll be able to verify identities all over the globe with the help of the ID Analyzer system.

More than 4000+ different types of identifications are already easily read and recognized by the ID Analyzer platform, with more forms of identification being added all the time. Right now there is full support for the ID information of 190+ countries around the world.

A Business Built on Honesty and Trust

Using artificial intelligence (AI), predictive machine learning, Big Data, and proprietary systems throughout, the ID Analyzer platform provides you with a rock solid foundation of honesty and trust to build your business on.

You’ll be able to better spot great customers, weed out customers that may cause trouble will down the line, and eliminate potential customers, clients, or business partners who are flagged with warnings inside of the ID Analyzer platform – all without having to do a lot of extra work on your end.

Add in forward facing identity confirmation solutions (like biometric scans, facial recognition, ID verification, etc. that your customers and clients can see themselves and you’ll have a lot more trust in new and emerging markets.

Simplified and Streamlined Sign Up Process

Of course, you have to make sure that your identity verification solutions aren’t ever getting in the way of doing business, either.

ID Analyzer has been engineered from the ground up to be as simple and as straightforward to use as possible. Onboarding is very easy, ID verification solutions are intuitive and straightforward, and the entire suite of solutions are fully compatible with all internet enabled devices – including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.