Seamless sign-up, validation of age and excellent client feedback

In the current eCommerce industry, providing the right services to the client and keeping them happy is the secret in being on the top of the race. And it begins with the ease of the sign-up.

In ID Analyzer we skip the tedious part as we make it quick and easy for your users on validating their identities and have the real users get on board with you in a few seconds. They all need to so is personally submit the accepted types of identification where ever they are and whichever device they might have access to at the moment (smartphone, tablet, or desktop).

And when the time comes that users need to validate their age for cross-reference of restricted purchase of items, it is made available in our system by utilizing the proof of identification they have submitted and make it hassle-free and secured upon checking out.

Prevent income loss in the chargebacks

Statistically, there is a $40 billion loss annually on chargeback expenses. Initiatives in preventing chargebacks in your portal have been the solution in the global market but might be a deal-breaker for your business.

While you intend to avoid fraudulent transactions, you might also be blocking some real ones as well. With ID Analyzer’s validation process, we have the way to distinguish between the fraudsters and legitimate ones and let the real purchases push through.

When a profile is fully validated in the platform, this ensures your company and the user that the transaction being made is valid and real.

Would you want to perform the verification check to all clients upon check out or the time they signed-in, ID Analyzer’s system will keep you on track and make the verified users go on with their transactions while preventing you from the chargeback risks.

Create confidence on your site with a secured account retrieval method

Whatever industry you might be into, safeguarding your clients from account hacking is of utmost importance.

It is of best interest that clients can easily retrieve their accounts and can gain that trust and confidence to your portal as this holds their personal and financial details. And let them have the peace of mind that the site is all secured and is preventing access to fraudulent transactions.

We balance this in ID Analyzer with our manual experts and AI system to keep track of your portal’s activities. The moment there is a detected risk of fraud, the transaction will automatically be flagged and blocked from further purchases and the account would be verified again for security purposes.