Protect your assets from the bad guys. And offer amazing rewards to loyal clients

You need to safeguard your rental business be it RV, scooter or automobile from damage or theft. And for those into the ride-sharing industry, you need to protect your drivers and commuters' welfare. With these bad guys using fraudulent identification, the key to identifying them is through a secured identity validation system.

Here at ID Analyzer, we utilize more than 4,000 types of valid identification from more than 190 countries with biometrics which we can verify remotely with a breeze, and get real users to be onboard your platform in a few seconds and reject the bad ones.

Keeping loyal users is a challenge for most as there is a steep competition globally. Here at ID Analyzer, we assist our clients to reward their users with a loyalty program giving them perks of a fully verified status and provide priority service and skip the long queue. Much more, we can customize it further giving your loyal users points, rebates and discount coupons with your partner establishments.

Save on added operating expenses while expanding globally

Traditional manual methods could only give you so much even with efficiency near perfect. With the steep competition in the transport business, opportunity easily run out when there is a surge of demand. We at ID Analyzer utilizing a combination of our expert team of humans with the assistance of our AI system can help you with these sudden demands while continued protecting your assets and company’s integrity.

User’s age and driver’s license validation

You shouldn’t be hindered by these regulations and slows down your business.

With ID Analyzer, we will assist you in complying with these needs while making it hassle-free and fast to your users to get into the portal.

With our personalized process that made especially for your business, we combine manual and automation processes of validation of the documents from your users in verifying both the driver’s license and age for drivers and riders alike.