Increasing your number of the user does not need to risk your platform's security and being convenient

In any business venture, raising the numbers is essential and this equates to having more people use your product or services.

Attracting more people to take a look at your business and impressing them is a make or break. This is the part where many would want to be anonymous and commit identity fraud and also the part where you may lose possible real clients if your security measures do not impress them.

Have your clients’ identity verified on his first visit with the digital method

You aim to get their accounts verified the first time they visit your site where ever they might be around the globe.

With more than 4,000 kinds of documents in the 195 countries that ID Analyzer honors with several languages and support scripts. This makes every client have that hassle-free verification experience to get into and experience what your company can offer.

Verification tailored to your needs, be it biometric or document

Whatever your type of verification proof wanted, we at ID Analyzer could customize it for you. May you opt for a lighter security level or a tighter one, we will assist you to achieve that level of security as you want it.

Depending on your business, the verification process might be an issue for some if done at the beginning where clients might still be deciding to use your service or not. With our full customization, like for companies in eCommerce and retail, we can design the verifying of identity during checkout which is a more effective way to gain more clients.

ID Analyzer, creating identity verification fun and simple

Either your business may need a simple level of security or to a more complex one, we will create a seamless, fun and simple experience for your users to get onboard your platform and attain your target conversion level or even higher.