Streamline the Onboarding Process

One of the challenges businesses and organizations of all sizes have to overcome is onboarding new employees and new members.

Sure, most businesses and organizations have built onboarding processes that are generally pretty consistent. But most of them are clunky, difficult to maneuver, and take a lot more time than necessary.

With the help of ID Analyzer, though, onboarding new users (especially to your IT infrastructure or administrative backend) is almost effortless.

Not only will you be able to confirm the identity and credentials of new users almost right away, but you also be able to move them through a tailored onboarding process designed just for them without having to create that process from scratch every time.

Almost Instant Identity Verification

Speed is of the essence when you’re looking to onboard new members, especially if they are new hires or new partners that can have an outsized impact on your business or your bottom line.

ID Analyzer has the ability to analyze more than 4000 different kinds of documents from more than 195+ countries around the world, all with full native-language support for several different languages as well.

This guarantees a much faster ID verification process than anything else out there, helping to move the onboarding process along a bit quicker. The process isn’t exactly instant – but it’s really (really) close.

ID Verification Suited to Your Needs

Your ID verification needs are always going to be met when taking advantage of the ID Analyzer platform, especially during the user onboarding process in your organization.

You’ll be able to custom tailored the ID verification process to your needs, the kind of documents you are willing to accept, and the security levels that you have enacted as well.

You’ll also be able to create “templates” for different kinds of access or different kinds of users that may need to follow a separate onboarding path, all of which are engineered to get your team on board and online as quickly as possible.