Higher client loyalty with more verified profiles

Make real users enjoy a higher tier level in your platform with their profiles verified and easily identify accounts at risk for identity theft. In return, this creates a site with trust being its foundation which gives your clients peace of mind in using your portal.

Doing the right and secure way of profile verification is a crucial factor. This verification process will make your operating expense shoot up and it will also be a tedious process for your clients.

Streamline the verification process. Have happy clients and successful business

Your prospective client may not yet be ready to reveal their identity to your platform when they still have not decided to use your services.

The secret to getting them to use your platform is to keep them signed in and by knowing at which point would they be comfortable to freely share their personal information.

Either you choose to have a verified profile or an opt-in only before they can begin any selling or purchasing experience in your platform, we at ID Analyzer can assist to make your onboarding flow and verification process that would be efficient to your clients and your platform as well.

With our method of identity validation, you would be assured of your site's privacy and at the same time ensure that hassle-free experience for your users. And we are here to assist you in every step of the process in whatever platform your client would be using – smartphone, tablet or desktop – whichever is more convenient for them at that moment.

Create a trustworthy company that the global market seeks

When clients created profiles that are verified, it creates trust in the community which easily identified the risky accounts that could be harmful to the verified users and the business as a whole.

With ID Analyzer’s offices across the Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe, we can secure your platform and detect scammers wherever they are in the globe.

Save time and money while providing hassle-free client experience

You don’t need to increase your operating cost with a secured verification process and safeguarding your platform.

In ID Analyzer, we have mastered the process of identity validation and workflow automation which drastically improving efficiency without increasing the expense.

Resulting in a more efficient workflow, saving precious time and effort plus providing a hassle-free experience to your consumers.