On-Premise Comprehensive KYC

ID Fort is a powerful enterprise-level identity verification software designed to be deployed onto your own servers. Easily perform ID document OCR, 1:1 face verification, liveness check and AML lookups with highest level of security and privacy through self-hosted web portal or REST APIs.

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Feature Comparison On-Premise Cloud V2 Cloud V1
Document OCR Support 4000+ Document / 200+ Countries
Document Validation 70 Checks 10 Checks
ID Face Verification
1:1 Face Verification
Face Liveness Check
Anti-Forgery 20+ Models / Algorithms 7 Models / Algorithms
Bounding Boxes
Signature Detection
Data Obscure
Threshold Finetune
A.I. Assisted Decision
User Management
On-Premise Deployment
Database Customization
Internet Connectivity Optional Required Required

Next-Level Identity Verification

ID Fort is an evolutionary KYC software based on years of experiences and feedbacks from customers using ID Analyzer's Cloud API, ID Fort is packed with a handful of improvements and brand new features, it is your one-stop solution to enterprise-level identity verification.

As an on-premise self hosted solution, ID Fort offers highest level of privacy and security to meet standards of all industries. ID Fort uses Docker container technology so that you could easily deploy it into a single server within minutes, or a cluster of servers to handle extreme transaction volumes.

Technical Documentation

ID Fort is deployed as a Docker container, meaning you can run it on any environment that supports Docker, including almost all Linux distributions and and Windows systems that supports virtualization.

The minimum system requirements are 4 CPU cores, 16GB RAM and 30GB disk space. To further boost performance ID Fort is recommended to be installed on a machine with Nvidia GPU and at least 8 CPU cores.

Setting up ID Fort Docker container is extremely easy and can take less than 10 minutes, once setup, you can manage all settings through the administrator portal using web browser.

ID Fort can be deployed into multiple servers, forming a cluster to handle high transaction volumes. The setup is very straightforward and you just need to put a load-balancer infront of the instances.

Simply get in touch and fill in a test environment request form, we will setup a free demo server for you on AWS so that you can experience the awesomeness of the software.

ID Fort comes with minimum one year license starting from $30,000 USD for installation on up to 5 servers. Licensing cost are adjusted based on the features required (OCR, Biometric, Anti-forgery, AML) and anticipated transaction volume. Discounts are given to licenses longer than 2 years.

Learn more about our powerful onsite KYC solution today.