Multi-modal Face Recognition

Forget about training your own machine learning model, ID Analyzer employs state-of-art deep learning models detect and verify faces in identity documents, together with a tunable threshold, you can confirm the identity of your users within seconds using their selfie photo and government-issued documents.

Liveness Check & Facial Expression Detection

ID Analyzer deep learning models can check the liveness of user submitted photos and videos, making sure they are real persons not some kind of printed materials trying to spoof the system. Our DocuPass Live Mobile identity verification solutions uses real-time face expression detector to track user emotions, users undergone verification must display varying face expression (e.g from neutral look to happy face) to pass our biometric validation.

Video & Voice Biometric Verification

Under some circumstances, it may be insufficient to compare the facial features based on still photo. To enhance security, we allow all our users to utilize video facial match feature, ID Analyzer will calculate a similarity score based on the person inside a video against the photo on identification document. To further improve security, users are required to pronounce their birthday year, and our voice recognition technology will verify the spoken birthday against the birthday on the document.

Our Products

Versatile solutions catered for every platform and industry.

Core API

Document data extraction and validation web API for 190+ countries worldwide

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Plug-and-play express user verification for mobile apps and websites

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Identity information database designed to securely store your customer information

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Prime ID Scanner

On-premise Identity verification software to scan and verify worldwide IDs

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