Stopping Fraud

Fake ID Database

We have built a proprietary internal database of fake and invalid identification documents from various public and private sources all around the globe, our authentication module check every user against the database.

  • 120,000+ database entries
  • Blacklist lookup by document number, full name, address and photo
  • Updated daily
Preventing Fabrication

Military Photo Forensic

Our authentication solutions comes with groundbreaking photo forensics to counter users trying to defraud ID verification systems. Such fraudulent attempts including submitting counterfeit documents, documents recaptured from screen, documents edited in Photoshop and fake IDs, our authentication solutions have proved to stop 90% of such attempts through image forgery forensics combined with deep learning.

Real & Genuine

Active Security Features

Most government-issued documents comes with active and passive security features such as watermark, ultra-violet inks, fluorescent overlays, holograms, microtext and laser engravings. Our ID authentication solutions examine and compare the security details on user submitted documents with the genuine copy in our database through template matching and A.I. models, you can be assured that no fake documents is going to pass our authentication system.

Flexible Compliance

Advanced Warning System

ID Analyzer document authentication and validation solution performs over 50 different kinds of document validations, whenever a validation fails, you are immediately warned with insights on how the document failed our authentication. Our API also allows you to fine-tune the validation threshold based on the security standards required by your usage scenario.

Spotting Fake Documents

ID Analyzer APIs comes with advanced authentication modules to analyze document image submitted by users and detect whether the document is real and authentic. An authentic score is calculated based a complex algorithm which takes account of multiple factors including:

  • Individual security features on each document and how they match up with uploaded document
  • Whether the document image was a recapture from screen
  • Whether the document image can be found on the internet
  • Whether the image has been manually edited or modified with editing software
  • Whether the document holder's full name, document number or address is in our fake ID database
  • Whether the document image appears to be genuine image taken by a camera or scanner
  • Liveliness of the user photo

With flexibility being the core value of our APIs, you can decide your own threshold and classify the documents as valid or invalid based on your own security requirements.

Our Products

Versatile solutions catered for every platform and industry.

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Document data extraction and validation web API for 190+ countries worldwide

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Plug-and-play express user verification for mobile apps and websites

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Biometric API

High accuracy face recognition and liveness check API

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ID Fort

Enterprise on-premise KYC suite on your on server

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Transaction Vault

Identity information database to secure your customer information

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Prime ID Scanner

On-premise Identity verification software to scan and verify worldwide IDs

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