OCR Visual Data Scanning

ID Analyzer Core API is able to automatically scan and capture all the data available on world-wide documents through computer vision technology combined with A.I., which includes all key information generally found on identity documents: document number, family names, given names, date of birth, issue date, expiry date, address, genders and more. Our OCR technology works even without MRZ or barcode.

We have compared our data extraction results with every other services we can find and we are confident to tell our customers that we have the top accuracy amongst competitors. ID Analyzer was able to recognize defected documents that are out of focus, cropped or has very low resolution that no other competitor is able to do.

MRZ Scan

MRZ stands for Machine Readable Zone, which is found on all passport biodata page and some ID cards. If MRZ code are present on a document, ID Analyzer Core API will automatically capture all the data within MRZ code.

Barcode Scanner

Many of the identity documents contain 1D or 2D PDF417 barcodes, examples of such barcode can be found on the back of most North American IDs and driver licenses (AAMVA). ID Analyzer is capable of scanning barcodes and extracting personal data contained within the barcode.

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Prime ID Scanner

On-premise Identity verification software to scan and verify worldwide IDs

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