Fully Autonomous

A.I. Powered Data Entry

Forget about spending hours each day on data entry and paperwork for every customer. ID Analyzer provides ID-based document automation solutions, allowing you to extract personal information from identification documents, and automatically enter the information into any kind of document such as legal agreements and forms.

Fully Autonomous

Remote Document Signing

Obtaining legally binding contract signature from remote customers is usually a costly and tedious process. Our DocuPass Signature module allows you to send your customer a link, where they can review and digitally sign the agreement in their browser. Digitally signed papers generally have the same legal bind affect as a physical wet signature.

How does document automation work?

You can design and save a document template using our online editor, the online editor allows you to insert dynamic autofill fields, such as a person's name, address, date of birth and more etc. It also supports dynamic insertion of user's identification document image and face photo. Whenever you or your user submit an ID for identity verification using either ID Verification API or DocuPass, we will load up your template and fill the dynamic fields with data and images from the user ID. In case you also need to obtain signature from your customer, you simply insert a signature field and we will obtain the signature from your customer for you through DocuPass.

ID Analyzer document automation solution is built within ID Verification API and DocuPass, allowing your business to:

  • Reduce data entry costs and associated human error
  • Replace manual data entry with OCR based data entry
  • Obtain legally binding signatures from customer
  • Generate documents ready to be stored or printed in PDF, DOCX or HTML

Our Products

Versatile solutions catered for every platform and industry.

ID Verification API

Document data extraction and validation web API for 190+ countries worldwide

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Plug-and-play express user verification for mobile apps and websites

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Biometric API

High accuracy face recognition and liveness check API

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ID Fort

Enterprise on-premise KYC suite on your on server

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Transaction Vault

Identity information database designed to securely store your customer information

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Prime ID Scanner

On-premise Identity verification software to scan and verify worldwide IDs

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