At ID Analyzer, we offer a range of products designed to assist your business in verifying user identities, both onsite and remotely. Depending on your specific needs and existing infrastructure, selecting the most suitable product for your business is essential. Continue reading to learn more about our identity verification solutions, or contact us with details of your current setup and requirements to receive expert guidance.

Secure, Seamless, and Swift KYC with DocuPass

ID Analyzer DocuPass rapid verification System is designed to simplify your customer onboarding process by asking your users to verify their own identity using a government-issued photo identification, and a selfie photo or video. DocuPass Live Mobile Module also features realtime ID and face scanning technology that allows your user to verify themselves by simply opening a web page on their mobile phone, no app install required!

DocuPass comes with 4 modules which allows you to simply embed the verification process into your own website or native mobile app. You don't need to worry about designing a UI or writing codes to handle ID document or selfie photo upload.

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Personalized verification process with Scan API

If the DocuPass identity verification solution isn't the perfect match for your specific use case, you can effortlessly construct your custom verification system utilizing ID Analyzer's Scan API. To start, you can create a form on your website for your customers to upload their ID, once you receive the ID photo from your customer, submit them to ID Analyzer Scan API for data extraction and verification. ID Analyzer Scan API is capable of extracting all the information on the document and gives you a decision on whether the document should be accepted, you can then use the information to prefill your customer details or confirm your customer identity. Scan API's excelling flexibility allows you to further confirm the identity of your customers as part of your own verification and KYC process.

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Verify pre-existing information against document

If you already have details about your user, you can verify the details on your record against their photo ID. ID Analyzer Scan API and DocuPass API have built-in functions to check identity information against existing information without any extra programming, simply supply our API with information about your customer along with their document, our API will let you know whether the information matches the one presented on document. Currently, our APIs supports instant verification of document number, full name, age, date of birth, address, postcode and expiry.

Our Products

Versatile solutions catered for every platform and industry.

Scan API

Document data extraction and validation web API for 190+ countries worldwide

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Plug-and-play express user verification for mobile apps and websites

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Biometric API

High accuracy face recognition and liveness check API

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ID Fort

Enterprise on-premise KYC suite on your on server

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Transaction Vault

Identity information database designed to securely store your customer information

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Prime ID Scanner

On-premise Identity verification software to scan and verify worldwide IDs

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