Streamline Identity Verification in Germany

Do you need a fast, reliable way to verify customer identities in Germany? With ID Analyzer identity verification solutions, you can scan and verify Germany (DE) passport, driver license and identification card. Verify the identity of your Germany customers and confirm the authenticity of Germany government-issued identifications today with ID Analyzer API, easily check if your user has submitted a fake Germany document with our A.I. based KYC systems.

Germany - DE - DEU
Document Name / Type State
Driver's License - DRIVER LICENSE
Identity Card (2010)
Identity Card - Temporary Identity Card (2004)
Identity Card - Residence Permit (2011)
Travel Card - Reisepass

ID Analyzer supports 6 different documents for Germany
  • Instant Passport Scan: Quickly and accurately verify the authenticity of Germany passports.
  • Driving License Validation: Authenticate Germany driver's licenses to confirm customer identities.
  • DE ID Card Support: Verify other official Germany identification documents with ease.
Why Choose ID Analyzer for Your Germany Business
  • Prevent Fraud: Protect your business from identity fraud with robust verification measures.
  • Comply with Regulations: Meet Germany's KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) requirements.
  • Improve Customer Experience: Provide a fast and frictionless onboarding process for your Germany customers.

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