ID scan technology to extract and verify data from global ID documents including passport, driver license and identification card, verify remote user age and identity with our digital onboarding solutions.

Autonomous - Ultra Fast - Military Grade ID Solutions


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Time & Cost

Realtime Identity Check


Minimize the time and cost with client processing, eradicate fraud and magnify your operation profits with DocuPass realtime identity check system. Enable DocuPass solution within minutes by simply embedding few lines of code into your application or website.

DocuPass Features

Global Document Support

Identify passports, driver licence and ID cards from over 190 countries, with or without MRZ and barcode.

Cross Platform

Connect with our ID verification software on Web, iOS, Android, OSX, Linux or Windows applications.

100% Autonomous

Average 3 seconds to authenticate ID documents, without any human intervention.

Unmatched Accuracy

Proprietary deep learning models to provide the best accuracy of all ID scanners and validators.

Reinforced Security

Protect your business from security risks, fraudulent transactions and unwanted chargebacks.

Rapid Integration

Deploy ID Analyzer solutions into any new or existing system under 10 minutes.

Prime ID Scanner
Desktop Software Solutions


Turn your PC or Mac into an ID scanning and verification workstation, connect your camera or scanner for real-time on-premise identity check. Suitable for hotels, banks, rentals, clubs, government agencies, border controls and more!

Prime ID Scanner Features
Identity Data Scanner & Identity + Biometric Verification

Scan any identification document and verify your customer's details

  • Scan passports, driver licenses, identity cards from over 190 countries.
  • High accuracy OCR that works even with the blurriest images
  • Return identity data in JSON ready to be used by any application
  • Verify personal data, including given names, surname, date of birth, age, document expiry, residential address, postcode, document number, nationality and more!
  • Biometric facial recognition to verify a person's photo or video against identity documents.
  • Check whether the document is real and authentic

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ID Analyzer

Modern security needs demand in modern security solution

The ID Analyzer platform provides businesses, organizations, and individuals with a truly global identity verification solution that works without borders, a solution that can be tailored to your specific needs and demands, and a security system that is constantly being upgraded and improved.

Providing full identity verification access and information across more than 4000+ different forms of ID in 190+ countries around the world, this is very much a global solution designed with the modern world in mind.

For Every Industry

Digital identity verification technology will help your grow your business.

API Demo

Versatile and secured APIs ready to be integrated into any application.

Core API

Document scanning, verification and validation API


DocuPass Mobile

Express user verification through QR code and mobile devices


DocuPass Iframe

Plug-and-play identity verification on your own website


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