Identity Check API

Identification document scanning & verification API to extract and verify worldwide ID documents such as passports, driver licenses and identity cards, turning image into usable data while verifying the identity of your customers.

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4 ways ID Analyzer helps your business succeed

Computer vision technology is capable of recognizing different kinds of identity documents, and turn them into JSON data without relying on MRZ.

Global Document Support

Recognize passports, driver licenses and identity cards from 150+ countries.

Streamline Experience

Improve client experience and reduce operation cost with our fully auto ID verification.

Enhanced Security

Protect your business from security risks, fraudulent transactions, unwanted chargebacks.

Simple Integration

Deploy ID Analyzer into any existing system by adding a few secure HTTPS API calls.


Identity Data Check & Extraction

ID Analyzer can recognize any identification document and verify your customer's details:

  • Supports passports, driver licenses, identity cards from over 150 countries. View supported documents
  • High accuracy with automatic error correction
  • Return identity data in JSON ready to be used by any application

Identity Verification

ID Analyzer can verify a person's detail against their their identity document.

  • Verify one or multiple fields, including first name, last name, date of birth, age, address, postcode, document number, nationality and more!
  • Biometric facial recognition to verify a person's photo against the photo on his/her ID card.
  • Check whether the document is real and authentic


This demo shows the output response of ID Analyzer API with a sample image of Californian Driver's License. View full list of supported ID types and countries. Simply create a free account to start using our API right away.

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ID Analyzer API is currently free for both personal and commercial usage.